Part 1 of 3: Does Your Online Marketing Grab Prospective Customers By Their Self-Interest?

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Online marketing keeps the skids of business greased, the wheels of commerce turning and – ideally – your company profitable. Done right, your online marketing should generate a steady stream of prospects who know what you offer and how your offerings relate to them specifically. Because….

Online marketing is the lifeblood of your website

If your online marketing is solid, it gets your message about what you offer in front of the right people.

If your online marketing is effective, though, it almost certainly does this in a way that’s relevant to their interests.

It IS all about them

Everything your website and online marketing efforts communicate about what you do reads like white noise to your audience UNTIL you grab them by their self-interest and get their attention.

What do I mean? Most online marketing reads like what I call ‘the million years experience’ and it sounds something like this:

 The partners at SoundPath Consulting Group have a combined 64 years experience helping businesses protect their valuable data from being compromised. We specialize in high-level solutions for Fortune 500 Companies…

….and on and on it goes, all about them.

The alternative ‘about the audience’ copy you NEED to have in your website and online marketing would read more like this:

Are you prepared should your intranet be compromised? Is your data ‘lock-down’ secure, your firewall impenetrable, and your most vulnerable information protected 24/7? 

Your prospective customers need to know you get THEM

If a targeted prospect lands on your website and reads the ‘about the audience’ copy above, they’re going to think “YES, that’s me, that’s exactly what I’m worried about!!!”

Bingo. You have their attention.

Once they realize you understand their problem, they become interested in learning about your company and how you can help them.


Because if you understand their problem, chances are good you understand the solution and can provide it.

They’re paying attention. NOW you step in and present your business as their best choice.

Use a mind map to stay focused on your audience

Wondering how can you harness this information and put it to use in your business?

Good news. There’s a powerful tool you can use to build an online marketing map for your business that ensures your online marketing is always on target and achieves the goal of conveying the right message, the right way, to the right people.

Stay tuned for next week’s. We’ll show you an actual marketing map we recently created for a client, and you’ll see how you can use the exact same formula to capture the most important elements of your online marketing plan in a visually clear and informative graphic.

See you next week!