How To Send Very, Very, Very Big Files To Others (Quickly, Easily, and for Free)

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Whether high resolution photos or folders filled with logos, there are very few web projects that don't require large files being transferred to or from our clients.  Files that are much, much too big to send via email.

While quite a plethora of file transfer options exist, and though we've tried several over the years (Dropsend and TransferBigFiles, for example), we really find ourselves using and recommending just one of them these days.

Drum roll please…

Hands down, our tool of choice these days is

Here's why:

  1. It's free
  2. You can send files up to 2GB in size
  3. You can easily send multiple files at once
  4. We like the pretty backgrounds
  5. We've never had a client who said they couldn't figure out how to use it
  6. You don't need to create an account, ever
  7. There's nothing to log in to, you just arrive at the homepage and the transfer form is there
  8. It's fast: no transfer delay
  9. You can send to multiple people at once
  10. It provides tracking. You're automatically notified when your recipient has grabbed the file you sent to him/her

We love it.

We bet you'll love it, too. (Really, what's not to love about it?)

Here's the link again, in case you need it:

Happy sending.

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