Offer Series, Part 6 of 6: Real Life Examples of Fantastic Offers

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In case you missed any of the previous posts in this series…

During our Offering Offers blog series over the past 6 weeks, we’ve covered…

  • Blog Post 1: The general concept of offering offers on your company’s website to generate more high quality online leads
  • Blog Post 2: The many reasons as to why you should seriously consider offering offers on your company’s website
  • Blog Post 3 (and 4): Why most of the excuses people make regarding why they don’t offer offers on their website fall short
  • Blog Post 5: Tips, ideas, and suggestions on getting started with offering offers on your company’s website

Today, we end our series with some examples for you

For those of you still struggling to envision what a great website offer could look like for your company, or for those of you hoping for a bit of inspiration, take a look at this small handful of unique offers below.

Example 1: Conversion Rate Experts’ Bundle of Free Resources Offer

Conversion Rate Experts (CRE) is one of the world’s leading firms focusing completely on helping companies improve their online conversion rates. Not surprisingly, they offer offers on their website to grab leads—and they do it well.

In this example, CRE is offering a bundle of enticing resources for people looking to improve the success of their websites—people just like you (though admittedly, they’re interested in working with very, very big companies like Microsoft). The resources are four PDFs, including “Conversion secrets of a million-dollar landing page” and “Advanced tips for highly-converting websites”.

conversion rate experts screenshotView the the landing page on which they offer their offer. (And I dare you to try and not enter your information to get the PDFs—that’s a tough challenge as the offer is incredibly enticing to people looking to improve their websites’ performance!!)

Example 2: Hubspot’s “How To Use Twitter for Business” Offer

Hubspot, the unofficial King of offering offers to gather leads (they offer more offers on their site than any other B2B site I’ve been to), offers potential leads a free Ebook.

The Ebook is an introductory guide that explains how businesses can set up and begin using Twitter as a business tool. The group of potential customers they’re targeting with this offer is businesses researching or already committed to using social media to improve their bottom line.

Twitter for business offer

View Hubspot’s Twitter Ebook offer right here.

Example 3: CrazyEgg’s Free 30-day Trial

Offers don’t need to be downloads.  After all, what could be more enticing to  someone seriously considering purchasing a product than the ability to use that product without having to pay for it and without having to take any risk? (Plus the ability to begin using the product *immediately!)

crazyegg free trial offerVisit and look at the bottom of the screen to see their fantastic free trial offer.


And there you have it, everyone.

Our six-week series on how offering offers can increase a business website’s leads now comes to a close.

Of course, we could only cover the general concept from a high level, which can lead to more questions than answers for some. This is exactly why we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about this tactic, and whether (or not) it might be a great fit for your business.

Feel free to post a question in the comments are below, or reach out and schedule a conversation with us directly.