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Our Prescription When a Company’s Websites Aren’t Delivering Leads Or Sales

Website Improvement

The first and most important step in pinpointing potential problems with your website is to get a very clear, comprehensive picture of exactly how it’s working. Looking at the...

It’s Time To Put a Stop To Getting Started On Your Business’s Website

Business Website Tips | Website Improvement

In every industry, trends change. Until recently, the “Get Started” button was believed—even at one point by our web design and development team here at DisplayGround—to be an important...

How To Promote Your Blog Without Social Media (Most Businesses Never Consider This)

Business Website Tips | Website Copywriting

Writing a great blog post is only one step in getting readers and converting them to leads—and eventually customers. These simple and oh-so-easy easy promotional ideas can help bring...

Link Text Part 2: Improve on “Learn More” To Earn More Clicks

Business Website Tips | Website Improvement

Today you'll learn how to lessen user frustration and improve your site’s usability by changing the wording in your site's text links.

Link Text Part 1: How “Learn More” Can Lead to Clicking Less

Business Website Tips | Website Improvement

Today we explore how “Learn More” links can create more problems than they solve. Learn how these simple links may be causing frustration for your site’s users.

Audience-Based Website Navigation: It Can Backfire on You

Website Design

Audience-based navigation is designed to improve your audience's experience. . .right? We explore the flaws of this navigation design and discuss solutions to make sure you aren't driving viewers...

Follow the Arrow

Business Website Tips | Website Improvement

It's simple: adding arrows has been shown to increase visitors' interactions within websites. We break down the research to demonstrate how well-placed arrows can lead your website's traffic to...

The Obvious Is Not Obvious to Everyone (and How This Affects Website Usability)

Business Website Tips | Website Improvement

Website page elements are regularly, actively changing on your website’s page. Unfortunately, confusion is created for your website’s visitors when they don’t notice they change.

Part 3 of 3: Building a Mind Map Snaps Your Business Proposition into Clear Focus

Business Website Tips

Building a mind map can streamline your online marketing. It’s an excellent foundational tool we find ourselves using at the beginning of every online marketing consulting engagement.