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How To Promote Your Blog Without Social Media (Most Businesses Never Consider This)

Business Website Tips | Website Copywriting

Writing a great blog post is only one step in getting readers and converting them to leads—and eventually customers. These simple and oh-so-easy easy promotional ideas can help bring...

Too Many Choices = Overwhelm. (Right?)

Website Copywriting

Do you sell products or services on your website? This one straightforward tip has been proven to make it more likely that your site's visitors will purchase from you.

Eliminate Weasel Words From Your Company’s Website

Website Copywriting

Don't weasel out of making strong assertions about your products or services by using “weasel words”.

A Great (Dare We Say GREATEST?) Word For Your Website

Website Copywriting

Businesses often strive to make their websites stand out with stunning visual designs. Perhaps some should consider this (almost *too*) powerful word as well.

How to Persuade Your Fence Sitters To Get Off The Fence and Buy!

Business Website Tips | How To | Website Copywriting

A portion of your website’s visitors will be intrigued by your company—but not convinced they want to buy your products or move forward with your services. In today’s...

Do You Want to be More Persuasive So You Can Sell More? (Be Careful When You Ask Questions in Copy.)

Website Copywriting

Today we're going to learn an exceptionally valuable marketing lesson from a lawyer's playbook. This lesson can be applied to your tweets, blog posts, blog titles, article headlines, etc.—anywhere...

Please Don’t Welcome Me To Your Website

Website Copywriting

I have a question for you. It's an easy one. Answer honestly: does your website’s homepage text start off with something along the lines of “Welcome to…”? If...

Don’t Leave Your Website Visitors Alone and Confused

Website Copywriting

Are you leading your website visitors astray? Are they finding themselves alone, on dead-end pages, with nowhere to turn? It's easy to avoid this common mistake once you...