Our Prescription When a Company’s Websites Aren’t Delivering Leads Or Sales

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When your website isn’t giving you the results you’ve been hoping for, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that it’s time for a redesign, SEO overhaul, or completely new marketing strategy. But unless you know what the root of the problem is, how can you determine which solution is most likely to fix it?

We’ve discovered that the first and most important step in pinpointing what needs to change with your website is to get a very clear, comprehensive picture of exactly how it’s working. That means looking at the way users are moving through and interacting with your site, and what might be preventing them from taking the specific actions that you want them to take (for example, subscribing, requesting information or purchasing).

DisplayGround’s five-step Conversion Rate Optimization packages give you powerful insights about what’s really happening with your site. We begin with extensive research that reveals your site’s conversion strengths and weaknesses. Then, we provide a detailed plan of how to turn the liabilities into assets. After implementation, we test the changes we made to determine the level of impact our changes made.

A Case in Point

Prior to contacting us, a recent client had consulted with a number of SEO, web design, and online marketing companies about how to address their website’s low conversion rates. Each company they spoke with advised them of a completely different solution, which left them confused and frustrated.

When the client spoke with us, we suggested an in-depth research phase to determine what was actually happening with their site before they opted to invest in expensive, long-term website improvement strategies. We helped them understand that all the other recommendations were nothing more than remedies being suggested prior to having a diagnosis of the actual problem. Turns out, a strategic and critical analysis is exactly what they’d been hoping for; they just hadn’t known it.

After reviewing their quantitative data and collecting feedback from their site’s visitors to gather qualitative data, we crunched numbers, searched for patterns, and analyzed a tremendous amount of information. We uncovered insights and discovered problems the client had never been aware of. We then presented our findings, which consisted of page markups and more than 30 detailed highly actionable recommendations, along with an all-new homepage layout.

The image below shows the client’s contact page, along with the seven roadblocks we uncovered on it.

Contact Form

Of the seven specific observations and associated recommendations we provided to our client, here are three that might also be useful for your company website’s Contact page.

1. Generic Header
Our first observation was the presence of the generic header “Contact.” We recommended replacing it with one that incorporated a client-focused benefit such as “Take the First Step to a Bright Future.” This changes a generic word into a highly visible and compelling call to action—and motivating your website’s visitors to take action is what leads to conversions.

Example of Generic Header
We also noted the presence of a CAPTCHA. Research has shown that this feature is a turnoff to visitors and decreases conversions, so we recommended removing it.

Example of CAPTCHA

3. Call-to-Action (CTA) Button
The design of the CTA button at the bottom of our client’s page was another roadblock for conversions. The color, format and content of a CTA button are all critical in capturing attention and inspiring visitors to take the action you want them to. We pointed out three major issues:

  1. When a CTA button spans the width of the page, it’s often easily confused with a banner. As a result, visitors can overlook it.
  2. A CTA button should attract attention. Using black as a background color doesn’t achieve that goal, whereas a more eye-catching color, such as green, does.
  3. The call to action itself (“Submit”) is not compelling. We proposed swapping it out with a more engaging and benefit-focused CTA such as “Start My College Journey.”

Example of Call to Action

We look forward to seeing the positive impact on online leads after our full list of research-based improvements is completely implemented.

To get an idea of the measurable results other clients have experienced by working with DisplayGround, check out our Client Results page.


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